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YADAM speaks to us about his latest EP "SAFEPLACE"

Let YADAM's latest work sweep you away into melancholic meadows of sound. This young musician currently based in France has had a very interesting journey across multiple countries during his music career. He uses his experiences to add so much depth as he harnesses the powers of three languages for his creative expression. His voice is tender and easy on the ears, while still having immense controlled power that is truly magical. YADAM was a finalist on "Nouvelle Star" a popular french television series. He has managed to break past that fame and let his true artistry shine on. We have more insight into his world in our interview below :

Artwork by Hector Abela

1. You were a finalist on a famous singing show “Nouvelle Star”. A lot of people find it hard to move past the attention they get through these shows and really hone their own creativity. How did you manage to break out and build your own original sound after being moulded as a reality show star ?

Honestly, it all started with choosing between two possible paths. The first option was to continue down this cliche "Success guaranteed fast" path most reality show contestants take (feed the public the same thing you did during the tv show and only make commercial music... which disappears as fast as it comes). The second option was to go silent, explore my mind, learn to write/compose and develop a concept, a sound, an image and come back once that was all clear even if it took much more time. I take everything seriously and it all has deep meaning to me so I knew I did not just want to be an artist with no purpose other than economical success. That is why I took the second path. We also had to say no to many tempting "Great" opportunities. Like for example rejecting the chance to go on "America's Got Talent". I know I could be seen by the whole world but it would only last two months and then I'd have to start over again. So basically it's about learning to be patient, to say no, doing things from the heart and finding the right team to give you the space, time, energy and support you need.  I'm really happy and proud of what I do and I want people to discover and support me, naturally, honestly.

Photo by Diane Moyssan

2. You’ve had a very interesting upbringing spanning different countries from Venezuela to the USA to France. How has living in various locations affected your music?

Living in these different places has made my heart open up to many things, to new people, to separation, to being vulnerable yet strong, to being from one place but another at the same time. Its a dilemma that I think marks the way I write/compose music and how I express sentiments differently when I sing depending on the language or the place I link those feelings to. I absolutely love it, even I'm surprised each time by how my mind does it.

3. How welcoming has the french music industry been to you? Do you feel like it’s a society that really supports independent music?

It's complicated. The french music *industry* has always been very skeptical about my music. I've tried to participate in many of their artist open calls, events, financial support castings and never got accepted. Even when I know the people who work there and they supposedly support me. the thing is I feel many of the music professionals either support anything thats 100% made for the radio or made by a friend of their friends. If i depended on the french industry, I wouldn't have released an EP. Now, the french audience is different. I feel like my beautiful french fans are a big reason I'm here. Everything I've accomplished is thanks to them and fans from the world. They've waited, and they also feel that the music industry treats me unfairly, but in the end we don't care, we'll get to where we are meant to go with our hard work, love and dedication

4. You write in different languages, sometimes in the same song. How does knowing multiple languages help with your creative output and expression?

Knowing multiple languages is such a blessing. It's given me the opportunity to approach emotions differently and in a very dynamic way that not only leaves people awake, but it also shocks them during the song. I was criticized a lot when I showed my first songs in two/three languages. I still am. But now the first thing more and more people tell me is that they love the language cards I play. I love the honesty it lets me portray and how I can reach out to different types of audiences in just one song.

5. How much thought do you put into the business side of your music? Are there any strategies that have worked for you? 

There is a LOT of work to be done on the business side. Luckily I have my manager for that. But basically our strategy has always been to stay true to what i decided and take the time to find the right ways of sharing my music without limiting me to only France, and without using the "I'm from reality TV" card. We absolutely think everything we are going to do and how it can contribute to our growth. Being independent demands a lot of organization for the budget as well. This is why i think music is a 24/7 hour job. You have to be on social media, you have to do interviews, continue writing, go to events, even when you go out you have to make sure you aren't looking crazy because you might find fans. haha. In general, i think that what I'm most happy about our approach of music on the business side is that i wanted to make an EP that would help me be discovered little by little around the world and i think that's happening ;)

Photo by Diane Moyssan

6. What does your EP “safeplace” talk about?

"SAFEPLACE" is a journey through the cycle of emotions I think we all face repeatedly each time we go through big changes in our lives. Each song represents an emotion, a state of mind and a personal position regarding the things we might be going through during this "cycle".  The first song represents anger ("(Say You're) Sorry"), the second disappointment ("Empty Doors"), the third Hope ("YADAM"), the fourth release ("Vacío") and the fifth Nostalgia ("The Place").

I feel that this cycle is present in all of our lives and i feel lucky to be able to accompany people into reflecting on this individually. music is a beautiful thing and i wanted to use this opportunity to leave a beautiful message. We are all searching for a "safeplace", it's ok to feel all these things, it's important to accept the things we go through and also important to continue searching, fighting and maybe one day we'll find our refuge.

Check out YADAM'S song "Empty Doors" on our playlist linked below :

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