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In Conversation with Ramya Pothuri :

Let Ramya lead you into sultry bliss with her latest single "ihatewhenihurtyou" which is a collaboration with Mumbai based artist "Dropped Out" . You're going to want to brace yourself for a tidal wave of ethereal melodies and songwriting mastery as soon as you cue up this song. Her voice has a rich and unique characteristic that can smoothly melt into any production. This particular song deals with toxic habits that occur in our love lives, and how our destructive behaviour in this world is sometimes dictated by our past trauma. "Someday I hope that that I could have more control of what I say, ihatewhenihurtyou, so I want to change......" is a line from this song that will stick with you. Apart from her solo work, Ramya is known for her various collaborative projects like "Water and Rum" and "Ladies Compartment". You can get a little peak into her life and music in the interview below :

1.From your experience, What are the main differences that you see between the music scene in the USA vs the music scene in India?

I feel like everything in the non-bollywood music scene in India is just so new and exciting. It's something a lot of people are still wrapping their heads around and discovering. On the other hand, when I perform in the US, my music is something they've already understood and really appreciate. So it's nice being in an environment where everything's up and coming and fresh, but it's also nice being in a country where things have been in place for a while and you have an audience that is there for this kind of music with open arms. 

2. What is your latest release “ihatewhenihurtyou” about?

'ihatewhenihurtyou' is about the trauma of a previous relationship affecting the present one. For example, if someone's been in a toxic relationship before, it's not uncommon for them to become the toxic one in their current relationship. This happened to me personally with abandonment issues where I felt like the person I was with would leave me suddenly under any circumstances. It led to me pushing them away to avoid the pain of them ultimately leaving me. It can be completely irrational at times, but I wanted to really talk about how those feelings are natural and completely valid. 

3. What do you do to get in the space of creation and writing, is there a certain ritual or process you follow?

There is definitely a certain environment and state of mind I like to be in. It's hard for me to write if my surroundings are messy or unorganised so I tend to clean up before I get to it. Also if I'm stressed out or anxious about anything it's pretty much impossible, so I try to relax for a bit or just push it to the next day. 

4. How do you go about promoting yourself and the business side of music? Do you have a certain strategy that you follow?

My main goal with promoting myself and my music is creating a stronger relationship between my audience and I. It's not easy for me to be myself on Instagram and other social media, but I try my hardest because I want my fans and my audience to know me like they would know a friend. I want them to not only love the music but the person making it, so everything I do is to bridge that gap. Other than that I try to be as consistent as possible with the music and content I release so there's always something to be excited for. 

5. If you were to google yourself 5 years from now, What would you like to find on the first section of the search results?

That I had just finished a sold out international tour! 

You can to listen to Ramya's latest release on our playlist "just groove, don't dance" :

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