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In conversation with Montréal based artist "Thaïs"

Step into the world of “Thaïs” and prepare to be mesmerised by her soul stirring compositions. Thaïs’ vocal arrangements are pure magic. It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak or understand french, Thaïs manages to transcend language barriers with pure emotional deluge. In her latest release “Boréal” she reflects upon her journey through Iceland and the breathtaking vistas she experienced. You will be using the loop button for days as the sense of peace and calm you get from her music is addictive. We have more insight into Thaïs’ world in her interview below:

1. What is your songwriting process like? Do you work with other musicians/producers or do you prefer to write alone?

I always write alone in my apartment and I record my demos all by myself. My piano is my main inspiration in a way because when I feel sad or just sensitive, I play in a very instinctively and subconsciously way and most of the time songs come to me naturally.  I need time to write and to be satisfied with my own work and ideas before showing anything to my producer friend who helps me arrange and finish the songs.   

2. Do you write about personal experiences or does your music involve abstract poetry and other stories?

Usually I write about my own experience because I see music as a way to express my deepest feelings and letting any restrained thoughts or emotions come out the most sincere way. On the other hand, I always try to look for a specific concept, for example my next EP "Paradis Artificiels" explores all the different stages of a heartbreak.

3. In your song “Lou” , it seems like you're talking about some sort of feeling of powerlessness and intense heartbreak, is that something you like to write about ?

The concept of love is a very common theme in my music and that inspires me often. It allows me to talk about self-love which is something I realized in the process of writing my EP. I feel like talking about a relationship says much more about yourself than the other person that you loved. 

4. How has living in Montréal helped with your outlook on music and your creativity? 

I’ve always lived in Montreal and I feel like as an artist I’ve been very privileged to have grown around such an amazing music diversity and open-minded city that inspired me to create and express my vision. 

5. As an Indie musician, do you ever get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of music that is being released these days? Does that feeling ever discourage you or are you hopeful that you will find your own community of fans?

At times, it can be a little bit overwhelming because there’s a lot of music shared everyday and it’s really difficult to stand out, but I like to think that if my music is special enough and touching people in any way, I’ve accomplished my duty as an artist. 

6. Has the pandemic affected your music career in any way?

It surely did. As many others, I had a lot of great and important shows coming up this spring and this summer but everything was cancelled. On the other hand, it gave me some time to work on my art work and to write some new music. I took this "time off" to appreciate a little bit more, the chance that I have by reaching people with my music and my vision of the world.

You can find  Thaïs' music on our playlists linked below :

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