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Nadisha Thomas speaks to us about her latest single "Right as Rain" :

“Right as Rain” is the summer hit that we’ve all been waiting for. This single released by Chennai based singer “Nadisha Thomas” is sure to brighten your life up, instantly. Nadisha is a powerhouse of a vocalist. The quality of her voice is something that can leave an audience speechless. The electro-funk masters “Carlok” breathed life into this song with their production prowess. They really set things in place in terms of the groove and feel of the song. The song exudes feelings of hope and joy in times of despair. The words “Cause love is a powerless feeling…” really sticks with you, an earworm that’s not going away anytime soon. Nadisha shares her thoughts with us in the interview below :

1. What is one piece of advice you can give young singers who want to do well in the world of being a sessions or playback singer?

I think the one thing I can give young ones as advice is that you just need to keep on keeping on! No matter your circumstance, don’t give up! Just keep putting out stuff and keep creating. Numbers don’t matter right now.

2. Since you’re primarily a singer, how do you go about writing and envisioning how your song is going to turn out? Are there instruments involved?

I actually use voice notes a lot, and try to convey the song experience through that. I also jam with someone who I can relate to and tweak the riff as we go along. I can also create by just listening to some chords. It all depends on my emotions really.

3. You have established yourself very well as a playback singer, and have been part of many really successful projects before. Do you ever face a fear that your original music won’t be as good as your commercial work? If so, how did you get over that fear?

That fear is true everyday of my life. The only thing that gets me through is that I have created something from my own experience, so people can relate to my emotions. That’s all that matters, being heard and understood.

4. How much of an impact has being part of choirs like that of the “Madras Musical Association” been on your outlook towards music?

Being a part of a choir for one and a half decades has done wonders to my tone and my overall sound, and the ability to sing along with others as well. It has also given me more perspective on harmonies and dynamics.

5. What does the phrase “Right as Rain” mean to you?

The phrase means so many things to me. That everything will be okay in end; that no matter how much you screw up, you will find a way to the other side of things; that however dark it may seem to you, there is always a light at the end of a tunnel! No matter what happens in your life, whatever the hardship, it’s all going to be just fine in the end! For me it also means overcoming something.

6. Do you have a routine you follow in terms of vocal training and maintenance?

I don’t have a routine as such. I should. But I do quick warm ups before I sing and I choose songs that kind of work as warm up songs as well. I also make sure I mostly sing during the second half of the day, when my voice has fully woken up! I also try to do my breathing exercises often, they really help!

7. How much thought do you give to marketing and promoting your music? Do you have a certain plan when it comes to your releases?

Yes, I give a lot of thought into marketing and promotion and yes, there is a lot of planning involved. Time and place really matter, as well and a bit of spamming your phonebook. But during this pandemic I’ve realized that you can’t predict anything at this time! So it’s touch and go to be honest.

You can listen to "Right as Rain" on our playlist "one POPsicle please" :

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